Grace Bible Church

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Our mission is to equip the saints for the work of the ministry and to evangelize the world with the gospel of Jesus Christ.

Our Location

2643 South 117th Street, West Allis, Wisconsin  (414) 541-4252

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Sunday Schedule

9:15 a.m. - Celebration Service!

Nursery provided during Celebration Service.

Preschool Church for ages 3-5 offered during morning service.


God's GPS 2015

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Welcome to our God's GPS 2015!  Last year was a good year.  There were a good number of people involved in reading the Word of God.  This is the third year of three to go through the entire Bible!  The goal is to read one chapter a day and answer two questions.  One question related to the text and a second question regarding your personal walk with God.  Some of you may want to keep a journal for your daily spiritual life.  May you enjoy the walk through a number of Old Testament books that will give you a history of the Israelites and God's dealings with them.

Here are some helpful hints:

There are some helpful things you can do to make your GPS experience an exciting adventure!  They are simple, but important for you to keep before you each of the 365 days in 2014.

  1. Pray for God's Spirit to give you wisdom and insight.
  2. Read the story/passage as if God were speaking to you.
  3. Listen carefully to each word.
  4. Discover nuggets by making marks & notes in your Bible.  Use pens and highlighters to make these notations.
  5. You will need to have a journal for your answers to the questions and for any additional notes from your readings.
  6. Take your team reading...  Seek to understand.
  7. Write down one application for YOU daily!
  8. Share what you have discovered with someone