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Welcome to our God's Powerful Scriptures (GPS)!!  As we face this coming year, I am looking forward with great anticipation about what I learn as the year progresses.  You may want to keep a journal for your daily spiritual life or just enjoy the journey in your heart. May God bless your heart as you begin your journey this year and may it draw you closer to our Lord and Savior!!!

-- Pastor Les

Here are some helpful hints:

There are some helpful things you can do to make your GPS experience an exciting adventure!  They are simple, but important for you to keep before you each of the 365 days this year.

  1. Pray for God's Spirit to give you wisdom and insight.
  2. Read the story/passage as if God were speaking to you.
  3. Listen carefully to each word.
  4. Discover nuggets by making marks & notes in your Bible.  Use pens and highlighters to make these notations.
  5. You will need to have a journal for your answers to the questions and for any additional notes from your readings.
  6. Take your time reading...  Seek to understand.
  7. Write down one application for YOU daily!
  8. Share what you have discovered with someone.

April - June 2020 God's GPS